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David Letterman must have known how irritated the nursing profession had gotten by Jay Leno's association of nursing and Media a couple weeks ago.

Unable to fall asleep last night I was watching the David Letterman show (which I normally don't). There was discussion with Elizabeth on who should win and why.

Dave said that Tina should win on the grounds that she was the 40 year old nurse. Nurses don't make very much and they are in a very demanding profession. Or something to that effect was stated.

Now I guess all we need is for everybody to have multiple bypass surgery to get the recognition that we deserve. Just my two cents.

It is nice to feel appreciated. I guess as nurses we strive for appreciation partially because we see so much appreciation of the Doctors we work with.

I guess most occupations feel under appreciated. I know I've heard of farmers, teachers, and police officers feeling they are not appreciated. I'll just bet this is complaint of everyone who deals with the public at large in the service industry.

We all are probably guilty of not showing our appreciation enough. Personally I don't take the time to let the stewardess now I appreciate her, or the fireman, police officer, teacher, etc..

Perhaps we are all a little too thin skinned?


Is Tina a nurse or is she a CNA?

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