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I have a BSN from Loma Linda University but developed a drug habit early on in my RN career and got in trouble with the law. I now have a drug felony on my record for sales. I voluntarily surrendered my license. My first question is, is there any hope for me in getting my license back with a sales charge? Does anyone have any ideas as to what possible jobs I might be able to do with a BSN without my RN license? Someone had mentioned that I could possibly work for insurance companies. I'm also thinking about medical billing & coding, or possibly Nursing education. I don't know. Really confused and all over the place. I want to go back to school and use up year of GI Bill benefits I have left too. Not sure what to take, if I should stay with Nursing or take medical billing. So I guess I'm asking for career/ job advice and school advice. Thanks for any suggestions.


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I don't work in England. But as far as AUS go there's no way you could do any of those things without an RN license. Your best bet would be to do a post grad in public health and do that instead, your degree in nursing would be a positive but you wouldn't be hired as a nurse. But I think the biggest issue is that you have a felony conviction.

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It's going to be extremely hard, maybe close to impossible, especially since you started selling drugs after you became a nurse.... It's also going to be extremely difficult since you voluntarily surrendered your license, instead of exploring options like a restricted license, or license with stipulations. Insurance could be an option, depending on what you're doing. Most jobs that require a nursing degree also require a nursing license. I don't think education would be the best option for you either, as I have never encountered anyone in nursing academia who did not hold an active nursing license. Along with that, nurses are held to a higher ethical standard at baseline. While everyone is human and makes mistakes, I can't imagine that a college/university would want to employ someone to teach nurses who have some significant legal trips.

The felony conviction, and what it was for, would be a significant issue aside from the fact that you voluntarily surrendered your license. I hate to say it, but you'll probably have better luck with a career outside of healthcare.