Suplena Shower

Nurses Humor


]So I gave myself a Suplena shower tonight. How? you might ask. Well I have pt who is on a continous tube feed from 8p-4a. I dumped 3 cans of Suplena into the bag and was holding it up in the air to prime the tubing when the part of the tubing that hooks into the bag came flying out and Suplena covered me from head to toe. It literally looked like a bomb had gone off. All over me, my med cart,the floor, everywhere. My friend who is was the nurse on the other hall of the unit laughed so hard she almost fell off her chair. Not to mention one of my favorite residents was sitting at the nurses station when it happened looked at me and said "Looks like you got yourself a sticky situation there." It was a mess I had to have my friend get a new bag, more suplena and start the darn tube feed while I cleaned up my mess. I did the rest of my med pass with big splotches all over my scrubs and stanking of suplena. My co-workers however found it highly amusing.

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