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I am a new nurse and I like to ask many nurses what the procedure is for a task or how they handle certain interventions. I like to get different perspectives for full comprehension.

Well there are quite a few issues that almost every nurse has come up with a different answer. One on the questions is regarding the Super PICC's. (CLC 2000)

Well the issue is no one told me that the CLC's needed to be changed. Some people say they do not change them, others say they change them when they change the dsrg. I was told every 2 days and some nurses flat out did not know.

Also the ones who do change the caps clamp it when changing and one other nurse says to not clamp when changing.

I plan on taking this to the clinical educator. I have checked hospital policy and it does not indicate what to do.

For those out there who use the CLC 2000 what is your facilities policy?


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not sure if this is the same PICC but we have something called a power PICC at our facility they are anchored by either sutures or something called a stat lock, somewhat like a clamp. We change the dressing 24 hours after insertion, then weekly thereafter. On the weekly changes we do change out the clamp. Hope this helps

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Caps must be changed every time blood is drawn or administered. I also always change them daily when the pt is on TPN when I hang a new TPN bag.

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