SUNY Suffolk LPN TO RN Spring 2024

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Im starting this trade for students applying for Spring 2024 Lpn to RN


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HI, I just applied to the program, what was your TEAS score?

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I was accepted into the program for Spring 2023 with a score of 86.6. I unfortunately had a bad back injury causing me to fail out by .5pts. I'm applying again for Spring 2024.

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Thank for creating this forum. I applied for entry into LPN to RN at Ammerman for Spring 2024. Did you guys receive your LPN from Suffolk or another college?

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I graduated from SCCC with my LPN in 2021.

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What is your TEAS score? Your rubric score? Do you have all the pre-reqs completed?

Just graduated Suffolk with my LPN. Applied today with TEAS 82%, Both A&P B+, As in the rest, haven't taken mirco or sociology yet. Praying everyone gets in. 

did you guys wait to have your TEAS scores, and send over your license and regi before applying? im unsure of if you can apply and then send all of that over after.

I don't think you need to wait for the TEAS you can apply, pay the fee and send your license. I think as long as you submit everything before the deadline. 

Anybody know of people getting in without taking Micro yet? That's the only class I don't have but my TEAS were 82%.

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I got in without micro and English 102 for Spring 23.

Oh okay. Thank you! I hope you get in again! 

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