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Has anyone gotten their letter of acceptance yet for Spring 2024 nursing program at RCC?


I haven't received anything as yet

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Same here I wonder when the results will come In.



Student765 said:

Same here I wonder when the results will come In.



They said it will take 4 weeks from the deadline. I'm hoping by next week we will get some good news. I'm getting anxious 

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On the RCC site it says by mid November but I read on a thread from Spring 2022 that they got the results on Nov 1st.

So I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything.


I agree the waiting around is driving me crazy.

What was your TEAS score if I may ask. Mine was 78.

Good luck.


I got a 84. Did you take any of the general education science courses?

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I did but that was a few years back it will be my second degree if I get in.



Okay that's good. I hope we both get in??. I'll update as soon as I see an email

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I got in Thank Gd.



Congratulations, I got in as well. Will you be full time?

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I'll decide by tommorw I'm not sure yet.



I'm thinking about full time.

Did you have any trouble transferring your science classes?

they didn't give me the credit for A&P 2, they asking to see the syllabus for the class. I'm having a hard time getting the syllabus since I took this class in fall 2020

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