SUNY Downstate vs LIU Brooklyn nursing programs


Hi! I have been accepted to LIU brooklyn's clinical phase nursing program for spring 2015 and am sill waiting for a decision for suny downstate accelerated program that starts in the summer 2015. I've read previous threads (from 2009) about each program and I was wondering if anyone knows if those same (mainly negative) reviews of those programs are still around? I'm wondering if any of these programs have improved. I'm unsure if I should defer my liu application until fall and wait to see what downstate says but if downstate has a more negative program, I may just go with liu. Any input on these programs would be helpful! Thanks!


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I have heard only good things about downstate. However about LIU..not so. In my ABSN and also the traditional aka generic BSN program at a CUNY college, there were a few students who transferred to CUNY FROM LIU. They said the program at LIU is not managed well and wasnt a good learning enviroment. This was 3 years Idk if it has improved or not but that was the status as I heard of it.

Thanks MissJennRN! Can I ask which program you are in? I also applied to Lehman and haven't really heard anything about their program either. I think I want to wait for my Downstate decision because I also have only been hearing kind of negative things about LIU.


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Have you heard back yet? I just got my acceptance for summer 2015 entry, but I'm disheartened by the older posts here about the program. It would be great to hear from anyone who's had more recent experience at SUNY Downstate..

Hi sumiink, CNA, you heard back from Downstate already? I applied in September, took my TEAS in Oct. and still haven't heard yet so I'm kind of nervous. They also told me they wouldn't release decisions until after the deadline so that makes me even more nervous. Maybe I'll just take the LIU acceptance in the Spring...


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hopefulnurse10038, I also started the application process in September, although I don't think it was totally complete until December. I just got the notice yesterday. What's the deadline to accept your spot at LIU? I'm assuming SUNY is starting the rolling admissions process, and will continue to send out acceptance letters in another 2 weeks, since that's the window they're giving to reserve placement.

Hm, not really sure when the deadline is, I was planning on submitting the deferral request by the end of this month. did you receive an email or snail mail? Thanks!