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SUNY Downstate & online prereqs

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by LilaDavis LilaDavis (Member)

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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to apply to an ASBN program but have a few science pre-reqs to complete first (A&P and Micro). Unfortunately I'm living in South America for the next year, meaning 0% chance of finding an in-person class and lab.

I've tried e-mailing a few programs to see if they'll accept online pre-reqs, since that means I can at least be productive for the next year.

Downstate e-mailed me back and said that although they'd prefer in-person, they'll "consider" online classes.

Should I basically take that as a no? I don't want to screw my chances of being accepted anywhere, but I also don't want to sit around for a year!

Has anyone managed to get into any NY schools with online prereqs?


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I graduated from Downstate's ABSN in 2017, and had similar questions re: prereqs when applying. I took chemistry, microbio and AP2 in person at BMCC, but I took AP1 online on Phoenix. I was able to convince Downstate to accept the online AP1 since the rest were in person, but I recall it took some serious convincing! I totally understand wanting to get it done ASAP, but not wanting to waste time if they won't accept it. Maybe if you email admissions and explain your situation, you can get them to agree in advance? Good luck!

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