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Hi I am contemplating going to SUNY Delhi. Just wondering if anyone that is enrolled on online RN-bsn could give me some info. Intensity of classes? How fast can you finish? How often are exams? The practicum courses, are there also papers and exams in those courses? Any advice? Thanks


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Hello! I completed my BSN with SUNY Delhi from 10/13-12/15, and would recommend it to anyone who can do online studies! Unless it has changed, the first class they REQUIRE you to only take by itself. After that, you can take 2 courses per 7 week block. So essentially per semester you can take 4 courses (full-time). It took me a little under two years to complete at the full-time rate.

Some of the classes are intense, but most are pretty straight-forward and every instructor I had made their expectations clearly known. Now for the great part.... NO EXAMS, ever! Projects, essays, and discussions are primarily how you are graded.

In almost every course you take, you are required to do "discussion posts" on topics picked out by the instructor. You read your assigned chapters, and then by Wednesday evening you need to post your initial discussion post. It must be comprehensive, and include APA-formatted references from peer-reviewed articles. In addition to this initial post, you are required to comment on at least 3 other students' posts, again with references. They most be posted on 3 separate days, non-consecutive. I was working nights while going through school, so usually what I would do is comment on someone's post close to midnight, and then another post after midnight. And then I would wait a day or two and complete my last post. The courses are set up week-by-week, with ALL required work uploaded by 11:59 on Sunday night.

The practicum courses weren't entirely hard either- you just have to secure your own preceptor (outside your unit, direct place of work, etc.) and do different assignments. You may be asked to make a social media website, poster, video tutorial, power-point presentation, or essay. The final clinical is definitely more intense, as you must choose something to do a capstone project on. For example, I helped create an ICU visitation policy.

My best advice to you is to do the reading, and try to do as much work as you can in the beginning of the week in case emergencies arise. You are not allowed to do work "ahead of time" but you can view upcoming assignments so you can prepare. Also, USE THE HELP that they offer. You can submit essays to someone who will check your APA formatting, etc. (allow at least 24 hours to get it back), and all of the instructors and staff there are very knowledgeable and helpful. Also, brush up on APA! They are VERY STRICT and WILL take off points for minor APA errors. Pay attention to your grading rubrics for all assignments and you will be fine. I honestly felt that it was a wonderful program and I am actually going back there for my Master's in the fall! Good luck! :)