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Summit Health, W-9 form, help!


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I was offered a position with Summit Health doing health screenings and they require their employees to fill out W-9 forms because this is "contract, per diem work". I've never filled out a W-9 form, I always do W-4s, so I am unsure about which is the appropriate box to check. The document says:


Check appropriate box for federal tax classification (required):

Individual/sole proprietor

C Corporation

S Corporation



Limited liability company


Exempt Payee: (there is a check box here)


Does anyone know what I should be choosing here? Especially someone who has worked for Summit? As for the exempt payee box, again, I'm unsure about this option.

Any guidance? I don't want to check the wrong thing and get in trouble later. I'll be contacting the company tomorrow but I wanted to see if anyone here knew.

Pixiedrink, how is it going with Summit Health? I too, have applied with them, but haven't heard anything back yet. How quickly did they contact you after you submitted your application?


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They called me about 2 days after I submitted my application and did a phone interview and sent me forms that day which I had to fill out. It took just 2 business days from then until I could see available jobs. I'm incredibly disappointed though. The next available shift in my area, San Antonio, TX is at the end of August and I know I'm already scheduled to work that day so I can't even pick up that shift. And the shifts all appear to be around 5 hrs. Maybe it'll pick up around flu season.

roser13, ASN, RN

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I think the question goes way beyond which box you should check. If you take this position, you will obviously be responsible for your own tax situation. The employer will not be withholding appropriate amounts. That will be incumbent upon you. If you are not one of the entities listed (LLC, S Corp, etc.) or worse, if you don't know what those acronyms mean, you either need to get up to speed on being a sole proprietor, or walk away from any contract positions.