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Summer Session - A&P I or Chemistry

Hello Everyone,

I need advice. My college offers an 8 week session in summer. I have the option of taking Chemistry or A&PI. I registered for A&P, but other students are telling me that the class is too difficult to take during a summer session. What do you think? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I would say take Chem over the summer rather than A&P I. I'm in A&P I now and I love it, but it's definitely the hardest class I've ever taken just based on the sheer volume of material. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no good at chem, but it's also not as much memorizing, so for an accelerated semester I would say it's probably the better choice. In A&P you need lots and lots of time to cram every dang part and process of the body into your brain :bugeyes:. Just my :twocents:. Good luck whatever you decide!!!


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I would say Chemistry. It will really help you in A&P I because the first part in A&P I has to do with chemistry and cell metabolism. That would be my recommendation because you will definitely understand the beginning concepts better. Good luck!

Yeah, I'd agree with the others...take Chemistry...maybe if it were A&P II, and you knew what you were getting yourself into it might be different. GL!

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