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I just received an email from my admissions coordinator, and she informed me that the online pharmacology course that I'm currently taking at Santa Barbara City College may or may not be considered a corequisite to the program I'll be starting this fall, since the course is designed for Health Information Technology majors and not nursing majors. :crying2: She said the nursing department will review the course, and then let me know whether or not the course is acceptable as a coreq.

I'm SO upset with myself. I wish I had cleared everything up with my counselor before registering for the class. I already paid for the class and bought the book (I'm SO broke). I really don't want to take pharmacology concurrently with the first semester, so I hope the department accepts this course I'm already taking. But, I need a backup plan, so can anyone suggest a summer online pharmacology course that hasn't already started, and won't cost me an arm and leg? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!! :redbeathe :redbeathe :redbeathe


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I was enrolled in the summer Pharm course at Barstow Community, because I am applying to Samuel Merritt ELBSN. I'm not sure if this will help, but there is a list of approved online Pharm and Patho courses on the SMU website. I'm not sure what program you are entering, but maybe you can petition to have the course approved due to "special circumstances." Good Luck !!!

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