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I am planning on taking my final Science course this summer. I currently attend TCC and was wondering if anyone knew if anyone offers Micro on Fridays or Saturdays?? If not I plan to attend the summer course that is M-Thurs. Any ideas? I don't think that TCC offers this course online. Thanks!!:coollook:


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I got my AA from TCC in 05' then went to FSU. I got an art degree though. :)

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take microbiology totally online at ocean county college this summer. occ offers two online courses, one in summer first five weeks 5/18/09 - 6/23/09 and the other in summer second five week 6/24/09 - 7/28/09. i am taking it now and it is wonderful. the instructor is the best!

the labs are taught totally online with a labpaq and a microscope that arrives at your front door. if you get stuck he actually will call you up and go over things with you on the phone! it’s the best course i have ever taken. it is just the right amount of work. my kids have a blast helping me with the labs.

here is the website for the biol 232 microbiology dl course:

you will not be disappointed!

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Hi Jersey Nursing Girl. I checked out your link and I read about the One Day per Week nursing program. Is that what you are doing? It sounds like such a great idea, I'm so curious about it. Do you know anything about the program?

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yes! i have applied to ocean county college's one day per week nursing program (odpw) in toms river, nj for september 2009. i have taken all nursing prerequisites totally online including the following science courses. i didn't have chemistry in high school so i had to take the intro course as well.

introduction to chemistry online

anatomy and physiology i online

anatomy and physiology ii online

and microbiology online

they offer these courses almost every semester including summers!

the one day per week nursing program is taught face-to-face all in one day. it is a really intense day starting at 5am if you don't pick up your clinical assignments the night before. clinical starts at 7 am and lasts until about 3 pm. then they have a two hour colloquium where you meet your class (3 clinical sections) and go over with your professor face-to-face what you learned online that week. they have a clinical practice lab right in the same hospital. it's a 12 hour day.

my girlfriend who talked me into this actually lives in pennsylvania and commutes across new jersey to the ocean county college at the jersey shore once a week. she works full-time in pennsylvania and has three kids. she says it's the only way she could do nursing, work and take care of the three kids. they give the ocean county residents a 5 point advantage on the rubric to get in but they have students from all over jersey, new york and pennsylvania taking the odpw nursing program.

the program is only 2 miles from the ocean. one girl who i took a&p online with rents a winter rental in seaside park which is "dirt cheap" and goes home in the summer to new york. it's a beautiful area in the winter. you have the ocean all to yourself. i will keep everyone posted how i make out with the program. once you finish your prerequisites you usually can get right into the program without waiting.

if you have kids and work full-time you can't beat it.


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Wow!! that sounds so great. I wonder if other areas will begin offering a program like this. I had never heard of anything like this but it makes so much sense. Thanks for the info and the links Jersey Nursing Girl!


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You don't have a copy of the syllabus from the micro online from oceans. I need to submit it to the nursing board here on Kauai Hawaii to see if they will accept it as credit for micro lecture and lab. If you do have the syllabus that would be so great. Help!! I need to complete micro this summer.

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