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Summer jobs


In a couple of weeks I will be finishing my junior year. I really wanted a job in the hospital this summer for more experience and to be more comfortable at clinicals. The difficulty has been that I live on campus at a school a little over an hour away from home, so this is a job I would only be able to do during the summer and breaks. So far I've applied to 10 patient care tech positions, 4 of them are "under review" but have been that way since April 4th. I emailed a different hospital and they told me they would only hire me as a tech if I agreed to work from them for 2 years after graduation. I'm not sure i want to commit like that so early. So my question is, are there other positions I could apply to just for the summer? Also, how long is too long for an application to be considered under review?

Thank you!

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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Long term car facilities are almost always hiring CNAs. It may not be the hospital job that you want, but it's still a great way to build a resume and experience.