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  1. Which summer job?

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      Medical assistant

Hi everyone! So I just finished my second year of nursing school (I am doing a 4 year bachelors) and am now home for the summer. I have a position as a medical assistant in a dermatologist office. Basically this job is too much for me as it is 8 hours a day and some weeks I work 6 days. The office is very far from my house and I need to wake up very early in order to commute for 1 hour. Basically this job is taking a toll on me, but my parents insist on me keeping this job for the experience and that it will look good on my resume. There is not much experience I am gaining besides checking patients into rooms. I find it very exhausting to commute so far and work these long hours 6 days a week. On the other hand, I have an offer to work as a summer camp counselor at a local day camp. I've done this for 2 previous summers and enjoy it as it is only 4 days a week and the pay is very good. Please help!!! Should I stick out the job at the doctors office even though it is very far away and I feel that I will get burnt out for this summer? Or should I take the camp counselor job that I know I like and enjoy doing. Basically my question is do I need nursing experience in a doctors office in order to get a job in the future?

Well I know if I were you I would want to hear "quit the job and do the camp daycare". But it will depend on your area and how competitive it is to get employed at the hospital systems or where ever you are interested in working as an RN. The fact that you got a medical job so far away tells me it is not easy to get anything closer? But what about applying to a hospital position like a PCT or patient observer/sitter, if the hospital is closer to home? I vote for you to stay out of your comfort zone (which is camp counselor) and try to find a different health related job closer to where you live and in the meantime try to make the best out of the dermatology office! Ask if you can do any assessments or stay in the room and observe!

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