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Summer Externships ?????

I'm thinking about applying for externships next summer, since I'm graduating in December 09. I go to school in Brooklyn and we're affiliated with hospitals around here (Kings County, Maimonides, Methodist, Brooklyn, etc).

I was wondering if anybody knew anything about these externships. How much do they pay? Was it a valuable learning experience? Was it hard to get in? Do they hire based on grades and letters of recommendation?? Did it help you get a job at that particular hospital??

Any info would be appreciated. :heartbeat

Kings County you have a CNA title and get paind around $15-17 per hour. The experience is great there is a loot to see and learn. Best of luck

Thanks a lot. I thought you had to be certified to be a CNA?

Or do you mean that I'd do the same job as a CNA but have a different title?

Silly question, but I was just wondering...


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last summer i did an externship at methodist, i learned alot the nurses were great; the pay was 14.50 but well worth it because unlike many hospitals we did not have to work like CNA's ( not that theirs anything wrong with that) but we spent the day along with the nurse which i think was really valuable to me.

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