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As I said before, I am going to be starting nursing classes in the fall. A nursing home in my home town offers a free, short CNA certification program during the summer. Would anyone recommend working as a CNA before becoming an RN? I talked to one nurse and she didn't think I should...she thought all the tough work might discourage me. Also, I don't think I'd want to work in a nursing home...are there many job opportunities in hospitals (there is a small one in my home town as well)?

I worked as a CNA as I was going through Nursing school, I found it invaluable. It helped me to begin to feel comfortable being in the healthcare setting, and comfortable around sick people. I am sure it helped in ways I am unaware of as well. Lastly, I don't think the "tough" work will discourage you, if you discourage that easy you will find it very difficult to get through your schooling, let alone being a nurse! Good Luck!

I definately recommend working in the healthcare setting before becoming a nurse. Just as I was about to start nursing school, I got a job at the local hospital as a (we called them) PCA and unit secretary. I worked at that hospital 2.5 years while in nursing school. They gave me a scholarship and also paid for my boards. They were very good to work around my schedule. It is sometimes very hard work but I learned some valuable things. I could apply what I was learning in school to what I saw at work. The nursing home will be a little different but you will still get some good experience i'm sure. One of the most important things I learned from this experience, is to treat everyone with respect. At the time I didn't feel my job was very important. Now that I am a nurse, I realize how valuable the help is!!!!! smile.gif

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