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Summer Class


Hello everyone, I'm planing on taking microbiology this summer and want to add a chem 121 with it which is a 4 credit class too. I have a really strong chemistry background and have actually taken this class before and got as easy A. Its been two years since I took CHM 121 but it did not transfer to my new school. I am a little nervous that it might not go as well with these two classes together at the same time since I am aiming for straight As for both classes.

If not then I will add a nutrition class instead if CHM 121.

What do you guys think??

Is it doable??

I think youre absolutely crazy for doing that, but then again I dont know you, or your situation. How long is the summer session? I took a 6 week micro class over the summer and it was brutal. I would NEVER take a science class over the summer again.

Its an 8 week class and the reason is that I have already take chm 121 and got an easy A so it could be just a side review whiles focusing mainly on micro.