Summer 2021 ATL Nurse Residency Programs


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1 hour ago, V.Ana.T.77 said:

I just applied to the NICU. Good luck!

Best wishes to you as well.



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Hi, does anyone know what Wellstar’s base pay is?

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Wellstar just sent out an email letting us know they basically picked who they wanted for their residency. Shout out to everyone who got in this cycle! 



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Hi, I’m new here. I’ll be working for wellstar Kennestone. Has anyone created a group yet? ?

Congratulations class!! Ill be graduating this May! So, far I have an offer for Choa ED hughes spaulding and Piedmont Henry Motherbaby. I am stoked about but I am scared because I don’t know how the morale is. Well I shadowed at Choa and it was nice. Nonetheless, if anyone has worked at either hospital can you share some pros and cons for each unit and hospital?