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Summer 2014 Article Contest: Win $150


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Summer is here! Can you believe it is already July? It seems like it was almost yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas, and now we will be celebrating July 4th in a few short days. Time flies.

The Spring Article contest is over and the top articles have been posted. Don't forget to vote on your favorites. It's now time for the 2014 Summer Article Contest, and everyone is invited to participate. Go read some of the articles from the past contest to get inspired. If that's not enough, maybe the fact that the top 4 articles will each win $150 will motivate you. The winners will be selected by the members in a poll.

In our role as nurses, we need to remember that what we do as professionals can have lasting impacts on many people....patients, families, and communities. We like to use our articles as a way for you to give us personal, inspirational, and educational glimpses into the many aspects of nursing.

The topics of your articles can encompass daily work, past experiences, education, study tips, technology, etc. You can write about anything for the contest. The following are just some suggestions:

  • The Patient Who Taught You Something
  • Changes in Nursing....for Better or Worse
  • Inspirational Student Stories
  • Looking Back with Experience, Things You Would Change
  • Nursing Challenges
  • Nursing and Humor
  • Training New Doctors

Articles must be submitted between July 1st - September 30th.

How to Submit an Article

4 winners will be chosen with a total cash value of $600! Each winner rewarded $150!

You will help select the winners - a Top 10 poll will be available at the end of the quarter. The winners will be announced about 10-14 days later.

Contest Rules:

  • Article tone and content must comply with our contest rules and Terms of Service.
  • Articles must have a minimum of 500 words.
  • Articles must be submitted between July 1st - September 30th.
  • No plagiarism - your article must be written in your own words.
  • Articles will be reviewed and approved by staff for consideration before displaying publicly.
  • Articles must be unique, articles should not be listed on other websites, blogs, article sites etc. prior to posting on allnurses.
  • You may submit multiple articles.
  • You grant permission to allnurses.com rights to publish in magazines, books, etc. You will be notified and credited if published.
  • Keep personal formatting choices such font choice and size to a minimum - use only for headings.

Articles submitted in the following forums will NOT qualify for this contest:

Good luck to everyone! We are looking forward to reading all your articles!

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There have been so many great articles, excited to see the nominees