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Asking for a friend:

My friend had a suicide attempt in her 30s and broke part of her lower back and needed and operation for that, and she also broke an arm. She's also go depression, but she didn't take her medication at the time of her "accident" -- she'd like to know if she could be licensed as an LPN in her home state.

Would she even be eligible considering the severity of her past medical history? She's ambulatory and leads a normal life, fully recovered from her injuries; she gets treatment and takes medications to deal with her depression, and back aches (from the spinal operation).

Legally speaking...can she apply and successfully be licensed per the State board of Nursing in her state (Georgia)? Her psychiatrist is willing to clear her, and knows her medical history (all of it!).

Thank you.

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This is something for her to discuss with her licensing board


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