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Suggestions are ways to organize your day...


I am about to graduate with my RN, and I was wondering, what is the best way to organize your day. I always start off my getting my initial assessments done and charted, but where do you go from there?

Experienced nurses out there......what are your suggestions?

locolorenzo22, BSN, RN

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depends if you work nights or days....i work nights but trained on days...here's my suggestions for both.

days: after report, I always went and pulled up my 6 and 8 am meds, then I figured out who I needed to see first. someone going to surgery beats out a person who just needs caths or drains taken out. I would see everyone asap, chart at least 2-3 assessments, pass 8am meds, and change dressings, take out caths, stop IV fluids with that med pass. breakfast then, and then check charts to see if any docs stopped by while I was gone. after that, finish assessments and then stay on top of docs and charts and tests. follow up charting as things happen, check in at least every two hours, and get ready for report 2 hrs before shift change. didn't happen every day, but it was doable.

nights- after report, I pull up my 6pm meds. go see anyone who is going to be my admit or who is having pain issues. then the rest. call any doctors I need to, or check charts after a doctors come in. I then pull up 8pm meds, pass those, and then sit down and try to get all my assessments in. I'm fast with those, I can usually be done in a hour or two for 5-6 patients. then follow up charting the rest of the night. Pass 10pm meds, and then check on people through the night. not too bad.