Suggestions for Truman prereq professors??


Hi everybody,

I'm just getting started on my path towards nursing, and I need some help!

I'm planning to take my prerequisites at Truman, and I need some suggestions on professors. I haven't taken a science course in years, so I'd like to sign up for classes with the best/most helpful teachers. Any suggestions? I'm planning to take:

  • Human Structure & Function I and II (Bio 226 and 227/aka Anatomy & Physiology)
  • General Chemistry I (Chem 201)
  • Survey of Organic and Biochemistry (Chem 212/aka Organic Chem)
  • General Microbilogy w/Lab (Micro 233)
  • Introductory Statistics (Math 125)
  • General Psychology (Psych 201)
  • Nutrition (Bio 107)
  • Human Growth and Development I (Cde101 or Psyc 207)

Any other comments are welcome! Thanks!!


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for anatomy

Fakhoury, Jamal Ibrahim

he is a really good teacher. He gives out his own lecture so plan to take notes everyday. His tests usually have lots of questions but all of them are simple, no trick questions.

i took anatomy 1 with him in summer

his grading is simple total of 4 tests. each test consists of lecture and practical and worth 200 pts.

i highly recommend him.

Ebrahim is a really good teacher for anatomy/microbiology but

His tests are much harder. There are so many things we need to do in his anatomy class.

labnote book, case study, dissection, and so many things.


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You can check out the teachers at that ratemyprofessor website...that helps alot.. they have most of the teachers from Truman on there..


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Charlie Abrams is awesome for chemistry! There are lots of opportunities for points and he is passionate about chemistry. I took Chem 201 with him and he was also teaching organic chem at that time.