Suggestions on how to "best" prepare for an ABSN program?

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Hi ~

I'm starting an ABSN program at Curry College in Jan 2010. I'm looking for suggestions as to "best" prepare myself for the program. Can anyone suggest any books? I already have a few, but even just some pointers on "random" stuff that I might not be thinking about.

I'll take any long as it's constructive!!!

Feel free to leave your 2 cents...

Pinkemme :twocents:

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Take your prereqs, and maybe a medical terminology course. If you can find one, an EMT or CNA course (depending on whether you see yourself doing ED or Med-Surg) might be a good way to get you some healthcare experience before you start classes.

Beyond that, I've got nothing.


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Thanks for your input Squire!

I have taken all my prerequistie courses, but your suggestion about taking a medical terminology class is great...and one I never even thought of!! I love this website, even though some of the posts can be intimidating to read, there is also a lot of positive/supportive information too!!! Life life, you take the good with the bad...right? Thanks again for your 2 cents, I really appreciate it. It will help me in my journey.

Pinkemme ~ Future Nurse!!!

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