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hi everyone!i have this nursing research subject today.. and i find a hard time thinking for an appropriate title for my research..My topic is about how the female patients react or act if they were assigned to a male nurse..i mean their attitudes towards male's because i've noticed that here in our country there are still some female patients who do not cooperate when they were assigned to a male nurse..there are some therapeutic problem is that, i cant think of an appropriate word on how i can translate that into a much better nursing research title.please..i really need your help..please!thank you so much.. I believe that this site can be a big help for all of us..godbless :)


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"You're my nurse?????" or "But, how could you be my nurse, you're a man????" LOL.....

Sorry but after 20 years of being a nurse(who just happens to be male also) these are some of the quips I've heard from a rare few of my female patients. My first reaction to a female not wanting a male nurse was in nursing school in ICU after I did extensive case prep(which my instructed accepted and graded anyway). Outside of that it's been very rare except in the ER for sexual assault victims, youngs females(10-15) with GYN type complaints or Muslim females who also want female MD's too.... flaerman

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"Male Nurses: How Female Patients React"

'When Female Patients Feel Uncomfortable With A Male Nurse"

"Male Nurses: A Changing Trend"

or if it is an argumentative:

Male, RN: More Acceptance is Needed

good luck! :)


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Hi everyone! I'm an upcoming 4th year nursing student, me and my groupmates are now working on our thesis... We are on the process of selecting nice topics and titles for our nursing research. We would like to know from you, you're suggestions based on the different types of research designs. We would greatly appreciate it!!! :nurse

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You're going to have to do some more work before we are going to be able to be of much help.

Step 1: Select a general aspect of nursing that interests you, perhaps a specific problem or issue. What specialties, types of patients, clinical problems, etc. interest the members of your group?

Step 2: Do a literature search on the general topic and find out what is known about it and what still needs to be discovered/figured out.

Step 3: Based on what you found in the previous step, select a particular aspect of your topic (something that still needs to be known or tested) that appeals to you.

Step 4: Take your topic chosen in step three and formulate a specific research question (or hypothesis) about it.

Step 5: Choose the research design that will answer the question asked in step 4.

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