Suggestions for NCLEX review books other than Saunders?


I already have Saunders, but the questions just dont seem difficult enough for me. I would like a little bit more of a challenge. Any suggestions?


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Put the Saunders down. (Although it's good in it's own right). Purchase Sylvia Rayfield's online review and her review, and pharmacology books, as well as Ready to Pass review book and, Sally Lagerquist DVD review. These will serve you well, or at least they did me! Best wishes. I hope this helps.:)


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My classmate and I did Kaplan which was extremely beneficial for me. We also used a bit of Mosby's too. We both passed with 75 questions.

Has 11 years experience.

Thanks everybody!

Ill look up a few of these. One of my instructors said we should be past the Saunders stage and I agree with her. Its just not difficult enough and the fact that my instructors exam questions are harder than all of the practice questions in Saunders doesnt relly help much.


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I found that our exams in school asked much more difficult questions. However, that is great because it will make you more prepared when you take it. Make sure you don't overthink things though. Another suggestions... everyone in our class hated the SATA questions but you NEED to study those. They are the hardest and you want to be comfortable with them when you take your exam. Also, I went to test with a classmate. We got plenty of rest the night before and relaxed. We went to lunch prior to the test but made sure not to eat anything to heavy. We got there early so we weren't stressed out. That really helped. Best of luck to you.