Suggestions for balancing School, etc?


Hi everyone!

I was given a scholarship to return back to school to complete my degree. I already know I'm going to lose it (my fault) BUT, I'm looking for advice to help me as I complete my nursing degree as I know it'll be getting even tougher soon.

Any thoughts/suggestions/advice on where to either gather more information to re-train my brain so I can focus more on school work/studying and still balance working full-time and have a home/social life? Or do I go into school hibernation until graduation? Quitting my job isn't an option unless i win the lottery or begin clinicals - thank you!!

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Hi redshott. Are you accepted into the clinical portion of the program yet, or do you still have some pre-reqs? For me, taking the pre-reqs one or two at a time was a great way to prep my studying style and prepare for how to learn the hard stuff. So taking evening/online classes a couple days a week will allow you to work full-time while also preparing you for what's next.

As for other advice, all I can really say is that motivation is everything. Will there be times when you have to give up a night out (or in) to get something done for school? Most definitely. But giving up one evening off and on is not too big of a sacrifice to get this degree, if you really want it. And make sure that you do set aside your own personal sabbath, so you have something to look foward to each week. For me, Friday and Saturday nights are always sacred (even if I spend them in my jammies watching bad movies at home!) - I do not touch them with schoolwork. Maybe you can create something similar for yourself to get your work and play in?


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