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Suggestions? Advice?

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I am expecting a baby in early June. Night shift is not going to work for my family, we would need to pay for 2 days of daycare per shift since I would need to sleep before and after a shift and the only affordable daycares that we like are too far from my husbands work to have him help with drop off and pick ups. He works in the city and has a long commute and we have no family in this state.

I do not want to return to my floor after the baby comes. I am ready to move on. There is an internal transfer that I am REALLY interested in, it offers 8 hour day shifts and would be a much better fit for us. They have 2 open positions right now, but I feel bad applying now knowing I want to take the full 12 weeks off.

I feel like these are my options :

  • 1. Put in for the job now and if offered the position then spill the beans about the baby and hope they maintain the offer and know they will not be happy about hiring someone who is going to take 3 months off.
  • 2. Spill the beans and be totally upfront at the interview but know this will probably hinder any offer.
  • 3. Wait until my 12 week leave and hope there is a position open at this unit. At that time and apply while out on leave?

What would you do? I don't want to burn bridges with this unit, but 8 hour day shifts are hard to find open.

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