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This semester I'm taking AP2 and Psych.(Lifespan and Dev.). I am thinking about adding a class to my schedule. Which will be best? The pre and co-reqs I have left for the programs I am applying to are:






Visual/Fine Arts Elective

Even though, I only need a 3hr Microcomp. class, the school I am doing my classes at right now it is 4 hours. Micro. would also be 4 hrs and obviously I really don't want to do that with AP2 anyways. What will complement my schedule? Thanks!


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It really depends on how well you are able to "absorb" the material in A&P. How did you do in A&P I? Personally I would never take 2 sciences at the same time. I wanted to focus on one at a time to get the best grade possible. I would personally take either the sociology or english. I was able to take both online and at my own pace. They were both fairly easy classes. But as I said, really depends on many factors. There have been plenty of people on this forum that have take A&P and micro. Good Luck


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i personally would not take soc and psych together but that is my bias. too similar but too different at the same time.

i specifically did not take a&p 2 with micro...just finished a&p and starting micro in jan...the c.c. i attend has a microbiologist who teaches micro like a 400 level class but i have also heard from other people that the micro they took at other schools was a joke. a&p 2 was harder for me than the first got a 3.9 in first 3.7 :( in the second (one stupid test ruined the higher grade) and a&p was the only class i was taking. (i like to blame work lol)

i would do the elective or the english since they would not conflict with the other required classes. i look at it like this, why make things harder on yourself and decrease your ability to get a good grade and get into school.


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I did AP1 in the summer and got an A but it was my only class at the time. I know that I could have done better with it in a regular semester because all of my kids would not have been home and it would have provided my more time with the regular semester. I was still happy to get the A, I just know that I could have gotten a higher one. I love anatomy though and am really excited to get into AP2.

I am planning to try something different this semester and that is get up an hour earlier to do my reading instead of waiting until the end of the day, when I am already so tired. I think this will be really good for me and I expect to be able to get much more accomplished this semester.

I was thinking...

Spring- AP2, Lifespan, Sociology or Arts

Summer- Pharm., Arts or Sociology

Fall- Micro., English

Microcomp.- I only need if I don't get into the program at my current school. I feel pretty confident that I will though because it's LVN, then RN and I will have all the RN pre and co-reqs done by the time I apply for the LVN portion. So I can hold off until next spring for Micro, if I need it, but in all honestly it doesn't even have to be completed until the second year of that program anyways.

So I guess Arts or Sociology for this semester. I have a week to add it and it would probably be internet.