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I didn't get anything today in the mail either! No sleep for me either tonight! I'm working all day tomorrow. I'm going to be a nervous wreck!

I got my letter today too! Accepted to the ammerman day program! I'm so happy! Congrats to everyone who got accepted and best of luck to those still waiting to hear!

I was accepted to the Grant day program. Good luck to everyone.



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Hi, i'm planning on applying to the nursing program for sccc grant campus day program for fall 2017. I'm just having a hard time knowing what my schedule will be looking like. I just got a new job and they are very flexible and i know its far fetched what i'm looking for but i would like to know in advance if i would be needing to quit my job or will i have a chance to work. Can anyone help me out here, i see lots of you guys got in (CONGRATS ON THAT! XOXO) So i was wondering if any of you can put up the schedule (times and days) of the day program and evening program (so it can help anyone that needs it) THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!

Everyone makes their own schedule. I have classes Monday through Thursday and will work Tuesday evenings, Friday evenings and every other weekend if all goes well. If you have any specific questions feel free to email me



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Hey everyone so I took the TEAS yesterday and did not do as well as I wanted. I received an overall grade of 63.3%. For reading I got a 63.8%, for science I got a 46.8% which really upset me but I mainly studied cells and reproduction and I still have to take A&PII, for English I got a 62.5% and for math I got a 84.4% which brought my total average to a 63.8%.

I already took the following classes:

A&P 1- B+

English 101- B+

English 102- A

Statistics- B

Psyc- C

His 101- A

I applied for both Grant and Ammerman ‘s evening nursing program and I was wondering if anyone thinks I may have a chance. I am very upset about my score on the TEAS & I only took it one time so I will get 2 additional points for that .

According to the rubric I only have 38 points since I scored proficient. Does anyone know if the Grant/Ammerman night program is easier to get into? Also should I apply to the LPN or would they then maybe give me less of a chance for the RN program. =[