60 days in and looking good

  1. Well, my first true job as an RN is going pretty good. I started my night shift orientation last week and things went pretty well. I am doing pretty well according to both my dayshift preceptor and my night shift preceptor. It's those little detail oriented stuff I need to work on, and no one is sweating to much over that other than me lol. On days I was taking the whole team by my 3rd day and my preceptor was pretty impressed to not have to hold my hand as much as both of us thought. She pretty much was there as resource and comforting presence. I also loved the fact that if she didn't know the answer to something, she didn't hesitate to ask someone more experienced than her or one of the charge nurses. Actually, ALL the nurses on my unit are available to ask questions too or think outloud too.

    After losing my last job my confidence was shot and now I'm much more confident in myself and my skills. I still have alot to learn and even my manager stated that learning never stops.

    I still have to finish the critical care course and eventually take both ACLS and a class on sheath pulls, but things are actually going great.

    I think I may have finally found my niche.
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    Hey I think we are in the same area , judging by your screen name and congrats on doing well at your new job!!
    Wildcat, I am happy that all is going well. Much success.
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    Yay! So happy for you!
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    Sounds awesome! How are u doing now?
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    Lost first RN job, how to prepare for upcoming interviews
    I am a new graduate RN. I was hired as my first RN position in the ICU at a trauma level I hospital. I was terminated during my orientation because the management gave me an evaluation as "unfitted for the unit" and my status "ineligible for re-hiring". I was working as the nurse aid at this hospital prior to becoming RN. So my delima is "should I disclose my previous employment status in the next interviews?. I am afraid that the propective employers would want to call for reference, and I don't want to get caught lying. I also felt that my certification in ACLS, Dhysthmia, Critical Care, IV therapy, and Wound Care plus my 3-month in the ICU would help me to land a job. Am I being unrealistic for thinking this?. I am tormented about this and it is not helping with being a new RN w/o 1 year experience. Please help. Your advises are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Tnguyen407, I am not sure if I am in the position of giving you advise since I am not working as a nurse, was never able to find my first RN job since graduation last year, but I am going to give it a shot..... I think you should disclose it, that experience however brief, was experience. Maybe you should try the telemetry med-surge unit this time, I think they would welcome that experience. I think honesty is the best policy since the nursing world is small.

    I know you stated you were told not eligible for re-hire, does that mean you cannot apply at another unit within the hosptital?

    Best of luck.
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    Quote from tnguyen407
    So my delima is "should I disclose my previous employment status in the next interviews?
    This is a tricky one, because you worked there as a nursing aide, apparently very successfully, then was terminated as an RN without possibility of re-hire.

    I suggest you contact your former HR manager and ask how they will respond to reference requests. Also, ask the manager you had as a nursing assistant if he/she is willing to give a reference directly to prospective employers, rather than directing them to HR.