how to succeed in orientation?


i am interested in tips on how to survive orientation i was hired as new grad and at the end was told i was not a good fit i was just wondering what are tips i can do to make sure that my future new experience goes well and that i am not set up for failure by horrible preceptors that ambush you in front of management and plain just dont train you. thanks

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OMG - not again . I hope they didn't wait until the very end to tell you that you didn't meet their expectations. I am a (very experienced) nurse educator and I believe that this is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a new grad. I am appalled that it happens so frequently. It can be a crushing blow that has a profoundly damaging effect.

The keys to a successful orientation are: transparency & continuous feedback. You need to have a written copy of all the criteria that will be used to evaluate your performance, including the time frames & deadlines for accomplishing these goals. You should also be provided with regularly scheduled feedback so you are aware of; 1) what you have accomplished, 2) what still needs to be accomplished and, 3) a review of the plan (with timelines) for getting it done. If your performance or behavior has not met expectations, you need to be informed of this in a timely manner so that you can make changes as required - such as increasing your effort or seeking additional training.

So, for your next job - ask for these things. Organizations without a clearly defined orientation program are not good places to work. They tend to substitute "opinion" for data-driven performance evaluation so everything hinges upon how much your preceptor 'likes' you. Don't put yourself into that situation again.

I am so sorry you were treated this way.


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thanks for your feedback i will definitely take what you said to heart looking back this would have definitely helped and fyi i got no feedback as to what to do just was told on my last day your not a good fit :(