Submitting a TOR for NCLEX RN and LPN/LVN at the same time?help


Hi everyone! :) im a newbie here.

I am a nursing graduate in the Philippines. I passed the NLE last year 2015, immigrant here in California and planning to submit an application for NCLEX RN and LPN or LVN at the same time. Is this possible?Because of the concurrency issue about foreign nursing graduates here in Cali, im afraid that they will also reject/deny my application for NCLEX RN thats why im planning to send it at the same time.

and also..

1. Do I need to request two TOR on my former school and send it to the BON here in California? One for Nclex RN and another for BVNPT?

2. I also heard that the BVNPT is requesting cgfns evaluation of transcript for the foreign graduates. Do I need to tell to my former school to send it in Cgfns (Philadelphia) first for the evaluation of my transcript and the cgfns will be the one to send it on BVNPT once they are done evaluating my transcript?

3. Is it true that I can also request The BON to transfer it to BVNPT just incase i am not qualify to take NCLEX RN in California( I hope not please ������) And how? Do I need to send them a letter etc?

im sorry :( im just really confused, I dont know what to do :(

replies specially to our kababayans are very much appreciated. Thank you so much and Godbless us all ❤️������

You will only have to submit a TOR coming from the school you graduated from. FIRST STEP is to register and pay fees to CGFNS Before you submit the application form to BON and BVNPT. Act now as CGFNS will take 3-4 months to process your papers. Also, CGFNS will ask for a license verification from PRC. It is best that the person who will represent you has a PRC License. Or you will have to produce a Power of Attorney. Hope that helps!

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Thank you í ½í¸Š But theres still one thing that I wanted to know, i dont know of its real but I just saw from some posts in other social media site that the California BON is now accepting 2015 graduates and onwards in the Philippines and some says that it is true but i wanted to clarify it more lol.I am so happy if this is really true :) and CA BON doesnt required the trascript to get evaluated from the CGFNS so I might give it a try since I am a 2015 graduate :)