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Stumped transfer student!

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What should I do?

  1. 1. What should I do?

    • Focus on CSU's! Don't overwhelm yourself.
    • Don't give up! Try for UC Irvine along with the CSU's.
    • Just focus on UC Irvine ALONE!

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Hi, I currently go to Mission College in Santa Clara, California. I'm fresh out of high school as I graduated in May 2014. I just finished a semester and I'm starting my second semester on Monday. I'm in a bit of a dilemma.

I want to apply to 3 CSU's and one UC. This makes my schedule for the next semesters a little more difficult as I want to cover all the prerequisites of both the CSU and UC standard. My choices are San Jose State, SF State, CSU East Bay and UC Irvine.

With a lot of contemplation and strategy, I somehow came up with my all 6 semesters pre-planned (with a few summer classes I managed to fit in). However, I'm afraid that these UC required classes that are much more difficult will kill my GPA thus killing my chances for both CSU AND UC acceptances.

So my question is: Should I just have confidence in myself, take a chance and try to cover my prequisites for all the CSU's and UC Irvine or should I realistically play it safe and focus on the CSU's?

I am deathly afraid of overwhelming myself and essentially, messing up my overall chance of getting into any nursing program.

Any advice? Thank you so much!

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You should apply anywhere since you don't know which school will accept you. the prereq you think will be difficult you should save that to take either by itself or take it along with some other prereqs that are semi difficult/ lesser load because you don't want to overdo yourself and end up with not such competitive grades. You want the best grades possible.

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