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I was instructed to pass the VA-BC before attempting the CRNI exam. My problem is that the content list for the VA-BC is extensive. It lists 14 items (no problem right?); however there are 4 books referenced plus several research articles (some greater than 200 pages) and even an entire website with nothing I guess the whole thing? One of the research articles isn't accessible and after making my list of what I will need to seems extensive. How in the world do I condense this? If the outline had stated what topics to cover from each resource then maybe that would direct me a bit but it isn't listed like that.

Any help is appreciated. They only test twice a year, the next one being in June...and in trying to see if that will even be enough time. 
thank you!!

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The VA-BC is a pretty simple test so as long as you work in vascular access right now. Keep in mind that it is supposed to be an interdisciplinary certification so much of it is practical knowledge. 

There are several VA-BC study note cards available online if you find the notecard apps. 

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