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Hi everyone I'm a 19 year old guy and currently a nursing student in the UK and am loving every second of it ! I've always wanted to become a nurse in the US after I qualify but I'm unsure of how I would go about this, or if my degree alone here would be enough to qualify me for a position.

Thank you for any advice !! I really love the American standard of nursing and I hope I can work with some of you in the long future :(


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OK you need to make sure your training covers Paeds, Obstetrics, Mental Health and Adult. If you do not have both clinical and theory in these areas you will not meet US requirements. US training is general unlike the UK which is specialised. Then I would suggest gaining experience in an area and try to become specialised as that will make yourself more appealing to employers. Once you have graduated check out the Nurse Registration again to see what the current process is for registering as a nurse in the US. Things may change between now and then