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Studying in Germany

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Hello everyone,

I am currently a pre-nursing student at a school in Michigan in my sophomore year. Because of some issues with classes it will be at least another year before I get into the nursing program. This definitely puts a hold on my future plans of getting married to my german fiancee and living with her in Berlin. So, I have started to look into nursing school in Germany. Unfortunately there are very few schools that offer a BSN. Although I have found one school that offers a BoN, not really sure if that is the same. What I am wondering is if anybody has information on german nursing programs, and if I go to school in Germany, what would I have to do if I want to work as an RN in the states?

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 32 years experience.

Are you proficient in German as it will be a requirements. EU training is different that the US and consequence is that you will always have to meet the BON requirement for foreign trained.

There are a couple of German nurses that post occasionally in the International forum (found under the region tab above) so you may want to post a question in there re how the training is done in Germany and whether it covers hows in all areas both clinical and theory

I am starting to become fluent in german. I know in Berlin there are international hospitals so I wouldn't necessarily have to know the language to get a job. I will try my question in the international forum.


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