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Nursing Students SRNA


I would like to hear what other SRNAs are doing to keep up with the studying. I am tired and sleepy by the time I get home from clinical and cant retain my info. Please let me know if you are doing to help.... vitamins, medications, etc I will really appreciate. I was thinking about calling my doc and get "Ritalin". Please help.

Can you study enough on the weekends to keep up, so you can cut back during the clinical week? We are all tired- some more than others depending on how late their site keeps them and how much work there school requires but most of us study/prepare for clinical during the week, and study for class on friday through sunday. This gets most of us in bed by 8 or 9 and up at 430 am and it seems to be okay. Again, this requires not much of a good time on your weekends because all of your work will be crammed in. None of my friends are on any medications to stay up at this point so I can't help you there- unless you consider extensive amounts of coffee a drug!

One of my classmates has turned to ritalin and it ain't pretty -- the student's an emotional and physical wreak --- I think the drugs are at least partly to blame -- but what do I know

work out 45 minutes a day, trust me

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