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:nurse: Im in my first semester of Nursing School (BSN) at a university and i just needed some great advice as well as opinions on how to study and stay organized while in Nursing School. I do have a load of course work this semester and i just really wanna stay on top of everything including my fundamentals of nursing class and clinicals! I know im a very smart girl but i dont wanna end up messing up anything because it was hard getting into the program as it is! Any tips!? Thx!

Very good start by asking for advice! Far too many mistakes for one individual to learn onself!

I am in my second semester of an RN program.

I also tutor in my spare time and have found several habits that truly help students of any program..

1. Don't use lecture to teach you. Use lecture to REINFORCE material. It is such a pain in the royal behind to read the chapters but its crucial. Come to lecture knowing the stuff so what the teacher says comes across as reinforcement. The more your brain hears something, the more it wants to store in long term memory. However, at the same token, your brain also wants to forget something that is constantly stimulating it (hence bad smells go away after a few minutes) SO, rereading notes after notes won't help you - you need to be exposed to the same material, but in different ways - textbook, lecturer, notes, powerpoints, nclex books - but keep the same topic.

2. make lists! and use them!

For example test 1: upper resp, cardio and neuro assessment

upper resp

-review textbook

-go over notes

-listen to recorded lecture

-cover nclex book on this topic

do the same for cardio & neuro

3. keep an agenda. sooo many things will pop up! I write my agenda out as far as it can go.

4. if you have a significant other - involve them! I made a calender for mine to know when I have class, work, tests, checkoffs etc. He needs to know when I will be able to be around to do my end of the chores, etc. That way he knows I have a test monday, he needs to fend for himself for dinner over the weekend and definitely not mention chores to me! LOL

5. study ahead! I *TRY* my best to get a chapter ahead of my class, so that way if I fall behind, I'm still on track.

6. don't forget me time! put on your agenda a monthly/weekly night to yourself to take a bubble bath, grab dinner out, window shop the mall. If you don't take care of yourself, it will reflect in your grades.

7. binder organization. Sounds nerdy, but do it! I make a binder for each test, then section it off by material. I keep a separate binder for clinical.

Just keep your head high and remember in short time you will be a graduate nurse!

Keep in touch & I wish you the best of luck!

Wow that was some of the best advice ever!!! Thank you so much i truly appreciated! Im definately going to take heed of everything u mentioned and said and i should definately see a change in my overall study and organizational skills! Thx again!:stdnrsrck:;)

Be very organized. For clinicals make your own assessment sheet so you can record everything you need. Some ppl call them brain sheets. There are a bunch on the net you can look at to get some ideas.

Thx alot!!:)

to be successful in your first semester you should always think about being the best self-manage your learning and create you daily and study habits from the beginning that if it will be easier for the next few years. successful and to study:nurse::nurse:

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