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Study tips for LPN program?

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Hi, everyone! This is my first post here so I'm sorry if this has already been posted. I searched but didn't find too much info in detail. I start an LPN program at a community college in NJ on September 3rd. I'm kind of wondering how everyone studies for nursing... I haven't had to study too much up until this point, and when I did study I used flashcards. I've been told to read and re-write, but does anyone have any other study tips? I'm basically just worried that I won't be able to retain all of that information just by reading and writing notes :nailbiting:

nekozuki, LPN

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I posted tips for studying and how to most effectively use flashcards that you might find useful: https://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-student/tips-p-tutor-857693.html

I won't bore you with tons of the same generic tips, just focus on active vs passive learning. If you are sitting in a chair reading a hundred pages or simply listening to lecture, you are limiting yourself and will need to study more. If you take this new information and use it in dynamic ways, it will absorb faster and more effectively. Don't memorize, try to understand and explain in a comprehensive way. Learn the material as though you must teach it to someone else. In fact, teach a family member, your dog, a pretend audience, or teach yourself via webcam or voice recorder.

Don't fall into the "use this supplemental A&P program" or "download this note-taking app!" Good studying isn't about downloading or buying a product that will magically make the process easier. It is about taking in and using information in different ways so that you have broad, extensive understanding.

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Active learning usually works best for people, regardless of the type of program. Simply learning facts, figures, and the like by rote memory won't do you any good. Learning concepts behind them and using them is what makes most people retain information very well. Study techniques exist to help you with doing active study, but you have to do the reading, you have be in class, and you have to pay attention.

While I used OneNote and others used Evernote, it's not the app that makes things stick or be easier for you. It's all in how you actively use the material that ultimately helps you understand, not just learn, the material.