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Hey All, I'm new to the site and noticed that alot fo the threads are a little outdated, like from 2-3 years ago. Also, I just started withe Excelsior and I'm looking for a study partner. I have already taken Transitions to the RN role exam and passed with a C. I am now preparing to take the Micro exam. Any help studying for Micro would be greatly appreciated. I used studyguide101 for Transitions and alrady have it printed out for Micro. I also ordered Micro Demystified from Amazon today for $7.50. I also plan on using the EC practice exam's b/c they were a big help with Transitions. I guess my question is are there any more materials I need to prepare for the Micro exam. Thanks!!

Just to warn you, micro was the hardest of all the EC tests I've taken so far. That test was HARD and I've taken lots of hard tests before. Know it and know it well before you test. I'm not trying to intimidate you or anything like that, I just wouldn't want someone thinking it was easy and then not totally prepare. I made a 40 something on pretest A and then after two months of intermittent study I made a 50 something and then took the real test and made a B. Had I really been motivated I could have done it in a month.

It's very doable, it's just a very broad test. I personally used the educationportal.com series of videos for that one after reading Micro Demystified, it really helped tie a lot of the concepts together for me.

Bozeman Science on youtube is really good as well. I learned a lot about cell structure from that guy. If I had a teacher that good in school I might have discovered my love for science much sooner.

Anyway, good luck. With enough preparation, you'll do well.


Specializes in Oncology, geriatrics, Psych. Has 1 years experience.

Thanks for your input!