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Study Guide for the NET


Does anyone have recommendations for a NET (Nursing Entrance Test) study guide? There are several listed with Amazon. When I key in a Google search, the first one that comes up is Morrison Media, LLC for $39.95.

I'll pay that if there are others who have used it and can recommend it, but don't want to spend my unearned dollars for it if there are cheaper ones that are equal in content.

Thanks in advance,


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IMO you don't need a study guide for the NET, it is a waste of money. The NET is BASIC math and reading. All I recommend is brush up on working with fractions and decimals.

Do you have a local library near by? Go to their website and do a search for nursing school entrance exams... thats what I did and I got 6 books. The above poster is right and wrong. You dont need the books to learn anything for the NET test because it is just basic reading and math. You need the books to prepare for the test. BIG difference. Many people fail the reading portion because they run out of time. Its good to practice once or twice timing yourself to make sure you can do it all on time.

Good luck!

I agree with Jezziemis. It is best to do some run-through practice tests. Everyone at my school that has taken the NET had far more trouble with the reading than the math. The math that was on ours was really basic--percentages, fractions, decimals, etc. I purchased a NET study guide book which had 3 practice tests--I improved speed and accuracy with each one I took. The math portion in my study guide was way more advanced than what was on my actual test. So talk to someone who has taken your version or talk to your advisor to see if there is any upper level math on it.

So my advice--brush up on basic math skills, and take as many practice reading tests as you can!

Good luck!


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You can purchase the NET study guide at Educational Resources, Inc. I highly recommend it. I am a straight-A student and I had trouble with the reading portion. The test is very hard and the questions are weird, so it is a good idea to take the practice tests in the book. It made a big difference for me and I would definitely recommend it.

Best of luck and let us know how you do.

I agree with sddlnscp....the NET study guide from Educational Resources, Inc. is hands down the best one. First of all, ERI is the company that makes the NET tests, so it will always be the most updated. Also, the format of the reading and writing sections in this study guide are exactly how they appear in the actual test itself, which is nice. And some of the other study guides (Kaplan, etc) had types of math problems that you dont even need for the NET.


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I agree...I passed the NET with a decent score the first time without studying, but I had to retake it at another school I applied to bc the scores werent acceptable if over 2 years old...that time I got the NET study guide mentioned above and I scored in the 99th percentile just from studying this book a little bit for a couple of weeks.

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