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Study buddy in Albany ny area

I was wondering if there are any Students in the Albany NY area, that needed a study partner? Thank you in advance. Erin

I can come to albany! What are you studying now?

Im studying for reproductive health now, I take the test June 25th, where are you located?


I was wondering if there are any Students in the Albany NY area, that needed a study partner? Thank you in advance. Erin

I live in Ulster County. I come to Albany frequently. I have read through A&P completely but decided to read through it again and take better notes this time. Would you be available to get together this week?

What test are you working on now?

I am preparing for the A&P exam. I am currently reviewing the nervous system (again). I have not scheduled the exam yet, but I have already paid pearson vue, and paid Excelsior for the practice tests. I will probably take the exam in July. I have been looking for someone to prepare with , I am glad that I found your post. Hopefully we can make arrrangments to study together soon.

sure, and I have chronicity, ls1,2,3 and transitions to RN left. I plan to take 2 or 3 exam during the summer atleast 2 anyway.

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your gonna take all that over the summer???? lol! I will email you in a few. you might wanna delete ur email from this post :)

Thats fantastic that you can complete so many so fast! you need to teach me your method!

i dont have a method really, I just an having trouble getting motivated.

You're almost finished, how are you not motivated? Sounds like you have it all planned out!I have the motivation... I just dont feel like i have the support!

i live in the albany area. i am having motivations issues myself. i need to take my abnormal psych test before mid july and then i have all the nursing classes except transitions. passed that with a b. i would love study partners also

So you are almost done as well? I am not almost done :( I still have all of my nursing classes to take!

i still have all the nursing classes except transitions.

i needed all my pre-reqs. abnormal psych is next for me.

i would be interested in a study group

I was just going to post this same thing! I'm in Bennington,VT but its close. I'm looking to start the tests soon and was hoping for someone to keep me motivated. :)

NurseRissa ,I'm in Glenville Ny not to far, If you are looking for a study buddy that would be great. What tests are you signed up for? Or what ones do you plan on starting with. May be we can motivate eachother and get this done and over with. My e-mail is e-lewis3@hvcc.edu :specs:

Mandtsmom, where are you located?

Mandtsmom, I live in Glenville which is super close to Albany, let me know if you would like to study together, what class after abnormal psych do you plan on taking next?? I too am having awful motivation problems!!!:specs:

Mandtsmom, my e-mail address is e-lewis3@hvcc,edu


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