Study: Antivirals During Pregnancy


lest we forget, the very first us death secondary to novel h1n1 was a pregnant woman in texas, judy trunnell. her only "underlying condition" the cdc was forced to admit in a press conference later after this news report came out was that she was pregnant. everyone familiar with the history of pandemics felt a great sadness because we knew that she would not be the only one lost. her husband was irate when he heard the cdc say that she had other underlying conditions. he appeared on larry king live to say, it was not so. she was otherwise healthy, but pregnant.

texas health officials stopped short of saying that swine flu caused trunnell's death. state health department spokeswoman carrie williams said the schoolteacher had "chronic underlying health conditions" but wouldn't give any more details.

among 1,350 reported cases of influenza among pregnant women during the pandemic of 1918, the proportion of deaths was reported to be 27% (5).

among pregnancy-associated deaths in minnesota during the 1957 pandemic, influenza was the leading cause of death, accounting for nearly 20% of deaths associated with pregnancy during the pandemic period; half of women of reproductive age who died were pregnant (7).

early in the outbreak of 2009 it became obvious that pregnant women were, once again, being hospitalized by the h1n1 virus at rates several times greater than for non-pregnant women.

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