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Hi all, I know we talked about starting a regular thread before to just check in and see how each other is doing. I haven't been around here for a while though because I had surgery on my foot (I had a neuroma removed) and then 2 days later, I had food poisoning. Then in the same week, I had a test in Nutrition and a test and a quiz in Anatomy on the same day. My son has had some difficulties in school and even got suspended for half a day. We are halfway through my husband's deployment (we hope). We don't actually know for sure when he will be coming home. It has to be very secure for their safety. Needless to say, things have been a bit crazy around here. I do have one bit of good news though. We got our Nutrition tests back today and I got an "A". I can't hardly believe it with how little I studied since I was feeling so sick. How have you all been? I just thought I would try this thread out to see if you all were still interested.

Bye for now,



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Sorry to hear of all your bad news, but Congrats on the Nutrition grade, Super !

I'm just trying to stay on task with 17 credit hours, I'm also taking Nutrition, we are required to write a 10 page paper YIKES, I'll probably wait until the last minute, I work better under pressure !

thanks for starting this up again !



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Hi Kimberly and Marie!!

Sorry you were so sick, Kim, but **congrats** on the nutrition test!

I was sick myself, lost 3 days of studying time and grabbed a 76 on my bio test. Needless to say, I am annoyed at myself. I've been doing really well on all of my labs and quizzes, but went stupid on the test itself. In a way, it did me good, though, now I do nothing but study after work and all weekend. Reality has a way of straightening us all out, doesn't it?

Thanks for starting us all talking, Kim. I missed it...

Have a good one (take care of that foot, ok?)

We'll talk soon...

Christine :)

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