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My friend and I are in a BSN program and will graduate in '04. We are already checking the market out here in Delaware. We were hoping someone could enlighten us on agency nursing compared to hospital bedside nursing. Would be get better experience, what is the difference in pay? We know that the local hospital only starts "new grads" out at about $16 an hour and feel this is a slap in the face to nurses in general (my husband is a bus driver, no college, and makes almost $15 an hour). Sooooooooo we were thinking that maybe agency is the way to go! Any comments?

Most of the agencies require that you have at least a year's experience before you can work there. Check into that.

I think, IMHO, that a med-surg unit would be the best place to start out, cause you will get the best experience....

Agency nursing isn't for the faint-hearted, and the more experience you have, the better off you will be. Agency nursing requires that you walk into a facility cold, and do the best job you can do, without prior knowledge of routines, patients, staff, etc.

Some of the staff will be wonderful, and some of the staff will be horrid.

I love working for an agency, but it isn't for everyone.

The agencies usually pay pretty good, more than most facilities. But there usually aren't too many benefits.

Hope this answers your questions.



Thanks. The only hospital that pays any decent wages is about 40 minutes away. That is on our "option" list. We are both older non-traditional students, so as far as someone being not so helpful, or going into a situation cold is something that is not totally new to us (I understand as a new grad things are harder).

We've got a way to go to decide and maybe things will be allot better for nurses by the time we get out there. Thanks!!:)

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