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Students from other campuses, do you have study guides!

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I'm a student at the Tinley Park campus, I started in August of last year taking Patho and NR 103 (Session 1). We were all given study guides and questions (kahoot) to help us for our exams seeing how there's so much material that we needed to cover in 8 weeks. By the end of our 8 week session my teacher told us that there will no longer be study guides nor any other form of help for exams, or the facility would end up in trouble. Session 2 comes along and I was in NR 222 and we were given no outline, study guides, or practice questions.

So my question is does any other campuses have study guides or has banned study guides?

Any similar stories please share!!!



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"...or the facility would end up in trouble..."

At 30K per year in tuition, it doesn't look like the facility is the only one in trouble.

Could you explain what the teacher was referring to by "in trouble."

Perhaps their paycheck? Now THAT would be a catastrophe.


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