Student Representation

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Hello, I'm currently in my second semester in an accelerated BSN program. One of my previous instructors sent me a message through canvas asking if I would be interested in attending a faculty meeting, regarding curriculum, as "student representation." I accepted the invitation, primarily out of curiosity, and honestly, I would be lying if I said I wasn't slightly flattered. I've done some light Google searching and have a basic understanding of what a student representative is, but I'm not quite sure what to expect. Any tips, advice, or sharing of experiences would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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They will most likely want to hear your thoughts from the student’s perspective on possible curriculum revisions/additions. You will listen to their ideas and imagine how their ideas will affect you as the student. Will their ideas negatively affect someone with your current caseload, positively affect it, or have no impact whatsoever. Or will their ideas cause students to flock to the course/school or make them avoid it like the plague? I remember an A&P instructor who lost half his class because he was teaching the course using language as if he was talking to doctors. I was among the first to jump that ship.😂

These are just my thoughts on the invitation since. I’ve never participated in a faculty meeting. But I do know all about being a student, and in my journey from LPN to ASN-RN to BSN to MSN, I avoided every single program that required Chemistry and more than ONE statistics course to achieve my goals. 

So I say just keep in mind of what you and other students would prefer as you listen to suggestions. Who knows, they may not ask you anything.