1. I am considering pursuing the crna route and would love for those of you who are practicing crna's to share w/ me what it is about this profession that made you want to go into it, and what about the job keeps you there?

    I am wanting to know as much about the job as possible and the motivations of people to want to become crna's!

    Thanks so much for your help!

    I look forward to reading the responses:spin:
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  3. by   CAPRN77
    I hope you get some good replies to this thread. I am also considering going the CRNA route but I am also thinking about critical care NP. I have already shadowed a CRNA at work but it wasn't a good sampling about the job since we are a small community hospital and CRNA's don't do nearly as much as other hospitals. Like the CRNA himself said "it was all bread and butter." I'm hoping to hear about the experiences of some more CRNA's to help me decide which route to go. Some of the things that appeal to me about the CRNA profession are the autonomy and level of responsibility. Also, the intensive care that goes into maintaining a patient's physiology during surgery. Also it is a really great way to help people during some of the most difficult times of their life. Again, I hope you get some good replies here.
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    Bump.. I would like to no too
  5. by   changed1
    I am a first semester nurse anesthesia resident. I have NOT yet been in the OR..but, how I feel about my future career is AWESOME!I step into the OR in January. i had to plug through classes that made me dig deep into my personality to find strength.I laughed,cried, got frustrated and plugged through barriers I created myself.The question you have asked has a different answer for each person. But, I feel that I am headed into a career I want to grow old doing. I want to be apart of a huge impact of healthcare. Style is important in how you want to be a nurse. For me it is being able to make calculated risks that I have learned about and studied then be able to live with the consequences. There is a reason why anesthesia providers are rewarded for their efforts...I am feeling it in school. Hope this helps.