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I am wondering who likes their CRNA program and why. I know that's not very specific but I was just curious. I have attended three very different school's for various types of education and all... Read More

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    I have looked at the army CRNA program, and haven't been able to find out a lot of information about it. What is the starting pay once you complete the program? Are you able to chose where you work once you finish school?
    Your pay will depends on your rank and time in grade. That is determined by your experience and degrees. You can google nurse anesthesia and find forums specifically for miltary crnas. There are many threads on this subject. As for "assignments" once we are finished with school, we begin our "pay back time" (4.5 yrs). We put in our "preference" for 3 assignments (that are available). Nothing is in stone, the military is very fluid.....

    For more info in the USAGPAN program, just google it and you will get the website. If want to call the program director, the # is there,

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